Our primary data source for any geographic data is OpenStreetMap. In best case this data is updated up to once per hour. Coverage varies but is generally world wide.

We also create high quality 3D models, capture data and integrate digital city models through open data.

Data tiles

This is the base data source for OSM Buildings Viewer. The format is similar to vector tiles but fully compliant to GeoJSON standard. With focus on buildings and for a good balance between size and number of requests these files are served in an extent equivalent to zoom level 15.

Selected areas

We provide the same data as for Data tiles. Difference is that data is not subdivided and addressed as map tiles but rather requested by a geographic bounding box. This feature is used for QGIS Plugins, printing services or static displays.

Individual objects

We offer the option to select and retrieve an individual object from our repository. Data source is the same as above or a high definition 3D model if available. This feature is used for architectural visualization or 3D printing.

SVG data

A 3D perspective view can now be turned into a SVG file. This is perfect for for print production where extra high resultion is required. View parameters and styling can be defined on demand. All elements remain editable in common graphics tools.

Download an example SVG file.

See our Pricing for available plans.